The 10 Biggest Social Media Sites and Apps

Social media sites are becoming more and more involved in our lives. They are used for everything from posting pictures to chatting with friends. On top of that, social media outlets have become a great way to reach out to the public and advertise one’s product. The ten biggest social media sites are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit.


The 10 Biggest Social Media Sites and Apps: 


1. Facebook:

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world with over 1.79 billion monthly active users. Facebook’s mission is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. ” The site is free to use and allows users to create a profile and “connect with friends and family, as well as with people who have common interests.” Users can also upload pictures, videos and other media to share with friends and family or even the public.


2. Twitter:

In a world that is continually becoming more connected, it has never been easier to interact with people all over the world. Social media sites and apps are one of the most popular ways to interact with people in the digital world. With so many social media sites available, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and YouTube are among the 10 most popular social media sites today.


3. LinkedIn:

Gone are the days of simple email and text messaging. Now, with so many social media sites to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate which ones work best for you and your company. Luckily, there is a site called LinkedIn that simplifies the process by helping you connect with professional contacts, as well as stay updated on their career paths. LinkedIn is one of the most popular sites out there and has more than 500 million members.


4. Blogging:

In this article, we outline the most popular social media sites and apps. From the top 10 down to number 1, let’s take a look at how these social media sites can be used for professional purposes. What are the benefits of blogging? It is an effective outlet for creative expression or personal thoughts and opinions on a range of topics.


5. Instagram:

The social media world is quick-moving and ever-changing. There are so many social sites, apps, and networks to choose from, but which ones should you use? This article will help you navigate the best options for staying in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and customers.


6. WhatsApp:

The use of social media is on the rise. What began as a way for people to stay connected and share information has become a go-to source for news and entertainment. Sites like Facebook and YouTube have become household names. But there are other social media sites and apps that may not be as well-known but still offer valuable opportunities for connection and engagement.


7. Weixin/WeChat:

The WeChat app has 1.213 billion active users, which makes it the sixth-largest social media site in the world. The 10th-largest app in China, WeChat provides its users with email, gaming, photo editing and video chat capabilities. WeChat is the 7th-largest social media site in the world with 1.213 billion active users.


8. TikTok:

TikTok is the new app on the block, allowing users to create 15-second videos where they can lip-sync or dance to their favorite songs. Founded by Chinese company ByteDance in 2012, it has now surpassed six hundred million active users. With TikTok ranking as the third most downloaded free app in 2019, the popularity of the social media platform is only growing. Among its competitors are Instagram, Snapchat, and


9. QQ:

QQ (named for its original purpose of providing free chat services), is now one of China’s most popular social media platforms, with 617 Million active users. It is reported to have surpassed WeChat, the dominant messaging app in China.


9. Douyin:

China’s social media app, Douyin is the latest craze and has amassed over 600 million active users. Recently, reports have surfaced of people who have been taking videos of themselves, adding music and special effects to them, and then posting on the app. This app has become so popular that some people are getting caught up in cliques built around this site.


10. Telegram:

The Telegram messaging app has 500 million active monthly users, making it the most popular messaging app in the world. Telegram has launched in 2013 and is a free, open-source mobile application that provides encrypted messaging, voice calls, videos, and file sharing services. The app includes channels that are private chat rooms for broadcasting messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. When using the app for professional purposes, you are charged approximately $1 per year.


If you’re an internet user, chances are you’ve spent some time on one of the various social media sites and apps. It’s hard to get through a day without logging into an account on one of these websites.



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